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Tokenize your real estate with Emirex & SolidBlock

Selling real estate assets can be cumbersome due to low market liquidity, regulatory requirements, and lack of access to foreign investors. But there is a way out - tokenization.

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What is Real Estate Tokenization?

Real estate tokenization is an innovative concept that allows for the digitalization of assets and their further distribution to investors globally.
Tokenization allows asset owners or fund managers to collect funds more effectively, while simultaneously increasing liquidity and transparency, enhancing security, and simplifying management.

What can be tokenized?

Commercial Real Estate Tokenization
Is there a problem with the full or partial sale of your hotel, office building, warehouse, etc.? Tokenization will give access to a wide range of investors all over the world!
Residential Real Estate Tokenization
Allow investors to own a piece of prime residential real estate anywhere in the world, receiving dividends and capital gains.
Developers’ Project Real Estate Tokenization
Raise additional funds in the early stages of your project by selling digital assets to investors around the world.
Trophy Real-Estate Tokenization
Tokenize your trophy asset to liquidate it and collect funds for your projects in a lawful, stable, and unchangeable ledger.
Real Estate Funds (REITs) Tokenization
Allow your investors to exit their investment at any time! A well-developed secondary market will make investing in your fund even more attractive!

Real Estate Tokenization Advantages:

You might be thinking, why would real estate owners be interested in tokenizing their assets?

Simply put, tokenization:

  • Cuts costs and is less time-consuming
  • Offers greater liquidity through access to real-time secondary markets
  • Eliminates middlemen through automation and smart contracts
  • Allows lower minimum investment amounts and periods
  • Reduces many transaction-related risks
  • Diminishes geographical limitations
  • Speeds up and eases attracting investments
  • Is associated with loyal legal regulation
  • Diminishes bureaucratic barriers

The Emirex & Solidblock solution

Emirex with its vast experience in the MENA region and an extensive network of investors, and SolidBlock, which has rich experience in asset tokenization and successfully completed projects, join forces to create the only end-to-end asset tokenization solution on the market.

How the Tokenization Process works:

Real Property
Compliance and
Legal Structuring

One of our successful cases: Tokenization of St. Regis Aspen Resort

The well-known St. Regis Aspen Resort preferred tokenization to traditional methods of attracting investment.

The aim of raising money for St. Regis Aspen was to:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Boost Occupancy During Off-Peak Seasons
  • Hotel Renovations at a Glance
  • Increase Food and Beverage Sales Margins
  • Improve the resort's marketing and management
  • Boost Brand Recognition
  • Increase ADR (Average Daily Rate)

As a result, the St. Regis Hotel successfully conducted the STO and attracted $ 18 million in investment.

In Q3 2020, the Aspen coin was placed on the tZERO alternative trading system (ATS). At the placement price of one dollar, the token has grown by about 30% to date. The secondary market opens the door to even more liquidity and flexibility for investors.

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