1-239  Tokenized Equity

Tokenized equity is a new way to raise funds for businesses. In this scenario, the company in question issues equity tokens, whereby the shares of a company are represented by blockchain tokens. This model is similar to the conventional company shares, but the legal and compliance obligations of the company are managed digitally and coded into the smart contract.

2-5  Tokenized Debt

Tokenized debt is an issue of fixed income debt instruments, such as corporate bonds or notes, as a token representation thus automating interest/coupon payouts, as well as automating repayment of the principal amount at the end of the term. This reduces the settlement times and the need for intermediaries.

3-37  Tokenized Funds

Tokenized funds are traditional funds, where a unit in a fund is represented by a token on a blockchain. Such units can then be traded digitally peer-to-peer. Funds suffer from a lack of liquidity, high barriers to entry and analog processes. Tokenization of a fund allows for liquidity and earlier exits for investors, reduces the barriers to entry and enables automation.

4-495  Asset Backed Tokens

Real Asset Tokens represent the ownership of real-world assets, for example, gold or rare-earth elements. Blockchain allows to eliminate intermediaries and automate the transactions, keeping track of records and logistics is enabled in a safe and transparent way. Such tokens can then be traded at a value of the underlying assets.

5-4  Utility tokens

Utility tokens are built for the purpose of providing access to goods and services, delivering certain incentives and rewards to network users or the clients of your business. Other examples are loyalty programs or VIP membership. Utility tokens are the vehicle that will be implemented in this case. This model can be implemented for a variety of businesses across many industries.

6-2  Stable Coins

Stablecoins are the type of cryptocurrencies designed to be stable in price. Their main purpose is to avoid the effects of uncertainty resulting from market volatility. Stablecoins can be backed by the value of various underlying assets, such as government-issued fiat currencies or exchange-traded commodities (i.e. precious metals). In some cases, the stability of their price is achieved by algorithmic trading of the collateral asset or its derivatives.

5 copy  Payment Tokens

Payment tokens are built with an aim to facilitate financial transactions,  payments, they have no other use or utility but to serve as mediums of exchange similar, for instance, to cash or gold. They are designed to enable purchases, sales, and other financial transactions, as well as provide many of the same functions as long-established currencies such as USD or Euro.