Tokenising the USD$20 trillion a year commodities sector



Emirex Advisory is the leading tokenisation and blockchain advisory in the MENAT Region. We are focusing on tokenising the USD$20 trillion a year commodities sector. Which includes equity and debt instruments of the commodities companies, as well as actual physical commodities, such as precious, industrial metals and rare earth elements, precious stones, energy commodities and renewables.


Emirex Advisory started in July 2014 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and is uniquely positioned in the 4000 year old trading hub connecting Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The multi-disciplinary team is comprised of industry veterans with actual practical knowledge in management consulting, tokenisation of real world assets and businesses, traditional finance, blockchain programming, law and regulations, venture capital, mathematics, management consulting , marketing and PR and other related fields.

We are on the mission to bring traditional legacy businesses into the 21 Century by leveraging emerging technology – Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrencies.


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Tokenising the Commodities Sector




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Connecting the Economies


We are strategically located in the center of a 4,000 year old network of trade routes connecting economies around the world. Today, using leading edge technology, we are bringing together a business community in Africa, Asia, and Europe and providing them with unprecedented access to the Middle Eastern liquidity.



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Our Team


Grigory Rybalchenko

Business and Blockchain/
AI Strategy


Irina Heaver

Legal, Tax and


Rizmy Shariff

Head of Capital
Markets and Trading


Monika Elzbieta

Blockchain Management Consultant,
Partner, Founder CGS Group


Jason King

Blockchain Management Consultant,
Partner, CEO CGS Group


Jorge Sebastiao

Strategic Cyber Security


Dr Ahmed Al Zubeidi

Managing Partner Middle East &
Strategic Group Advisor


+ Full Team of European Developers:
Blockchain Developers, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Developers, UX/UI Developers, System Architects, Back-End Developers and Cyber-Security Engineers.


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